What is Qigong? (pronounced as "chee gong")

        Qigong is a kind of Chinese traditional health technology both physical and spiritual. It has more than 7,000 years history in China. Out of over 2000 types of Qigong only 11are certified. Xingong (pronounced as "ching gong")

Xingong Features

  1. Xingong is the most powerful discipline bringing participants to the highest stage.

  2. Class scheduling saves time and money.

  3. Great health benefits.

  4. Develops potential energy and increases inner energy.

  5. Good for all ages.

  6. Easy to learn and practise.It can be practiced any time and anywhere.

  7. Promotes spiriyual and physical awareness.

  8. It's nothing, it's everything. No conflict with any religious believes.

  9. Everyone is equal in practing Xingon