ORIGINAL TAI-CHI-CHUAN Intensive/Extensive class


ORIGINAL TAI-CHI-CHUAN Intensive/Extensive class
--- Authentic Tai-Chi-Chuan, Taught personally by Tai-Chi Master

          The only successor of Original Tai-Chi-Chuan, Master Liu Guanren opens Original Tai-Chi-Chuan classes year-round. Intensive Tai-Chi Class 3-5 times a week, Extensive Class 1-2 times a week, various schedules to choose from. All evening and weekend classes.
          Original Tai-Chi-Chuan is the original Tai-Chi routine, it has a complete system of varying techniques, from chuan-form, training of internal organs, pushing hands, to combat skills, and Tai-Chi weapons. It is the unbroken, ancient Tai-Chi-Chuan, producing great results in preserving health and developing vitality. Also the originator of "XinGong", Master Liu Guanren is the only successor of Original Tai-Chi-Chuan at the present time, he has opened a series of Tai-Chi classes since July, 2000 and held several public demonstrations. Original Tai-Chi-Chuan series consists of: Series I of Original Tai-Chi-Chuan, Series II of Original Tai-Chi-Chuan, Tai-Chi Pushing Hands, Tai-Chi Combat skills, Tai-Chi Sword, and Tai-Chi weapons. Original Tai-Chi-Chuan has a distinctive training method and all-around techniques, its remarkable results in overall well-being and practical use in self-defense have been marked among practitioners. Many have come to join the class by word of mouth, new class openings can hardly meet the demand by the public. Master Liu Guanren hopes to benefit more people by inviting all to learn Original Tai-Chi-Chuan.
         Registration:(604) 684-8508


  • Course results: improved powers of concentration; enhanced retention; increased self-confidence; highly accelerated reading speed and comprehension; a faster learning ability than average people.

  • Course content and guarantee: incorporating the training method of brain development and the effects of combined fields of Qi, students will be able to at least double their ability to read and memorize. Upon completion of the course, students who have not achieved this goal can enter the next class at no extra cost.

  • Ages: grade 4 students and above

  • Class time: weekends and evenings; 18 2-hour classes, a total of 36 hours.

  • Place: 200-City Square-555 West 12th Avenue, Vancouver(Dorset College)

  • For registration and more info:(604) 684-8508 Website:

  • If you have anything, please send email to