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  • The year 1998 was the historical year in Chinese Qigong history because it was the first time that China Central government officially organized experts and scientists to assess and award license to the certified Qigong. More than 2000 kinds of Qigong were assessed from Provincial level to Central level. Finally only 11 kinds of Qigong got the license. On Oct, 5,1998,the Nation's General Sports Bureau held a press conference in Beijing. At the conference, Mr. Shaozu Wu, the Minister of the General Sports Bureau issued the name of the 11 certified Qigong and awarded them with licenses and certificates. CCTV and main media in Beijing attended the conference and made reports.

  • Xingong successfully passed the examinations held by the Provincial level and the Central level and became one of the 11 certified Qigong in China. As the founder of Xingong, Master Guanren Liu attended the press conference on Oct, 5,1998 and made a speech at the conference representing Xingong.

  • Nov 1 to Nov 13,1998, the Nation's General Sports Bureau held The Debut Session of the Nation's Grade One (the highest) Level Qigong Master Training Program in Datong, ShanxiProvince of China.About 130 Qigong masters were certified to attend the program. Master Liu and Wei Feng, director of the Health Department of Xingong, attended the training program. Finally they passed the examinations of all the courses and got the highest average score among all the participants. At the graduation ceremony,Master Liu made a speech representing the 11 certified Qigong and all the participants.

  • During The Debut Session of the Nation's Grade One Level Qigong Master Training Program, Master Liu, invited by Datong Qigong Management Office, held a Xingong seminar at Datong Gymnasium. More than 4,000 Qigong fans attended the seminar. The seminar was so successful that Master Liu had to conduct a Xingong Training Program for the Qigong fans of Datong after the seminar. China Xinhua News Agency reported the seminar. Datong Science Daily and Family Times interviewed Master Liu and made reports.

  • The Debut Session of the Nation's Qigong for Health Exchange Conference was held from Dec,1996 to January,1997 in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province of China. Master Liu was invited as the formal representative and made a performance of Xingong in Shijiazhuang the People's Gymnasium. Master Liu's strong inner energy and his summer look in winter became the focus of the conference. Many media interviewed him and the International Qigong Newspaper made a special report as the title of "From Practicing Qi to Practicing the nature of life---Master Guanren Liu and his Xingong"

  • Master Liu was recognized by the Chinese Government through a special award publication called Chinese Qigong in July1997.

  • Master Liu was included into the Dictionary of Chinese Contemporary Celebrities.

  • Master Liu was interviewed by CCTV in July 1997 and the program was showed on CCTV on July 29 and August 3 ,1997.