Original Tai Ji Quan Dao

Dedicated to the physical and spiritual development of the human being

Group and private classes

All personally taught by Grand master Guanren Liu

Terry Cioni

An important side benefit was weight loss and many of the promised Original Tai Ji health benefits have been realized.

Charles Hsiao

After 3-month of practicing Original Tai Ji, my twenty-year-sickness is cured.

Max Jiang

Finally, I found real Tai Ji and the ideal teacher of Tai Ji.

Kaiser Shen

Tai Ji internal strength improves my health.

Charlie Lin

Original Tai Ji makes me well, both physically and mentally.

Joseph Wang

Original Tai Ji is the treasure I can enjoy for life.

Shu wen Yang

Practicing Original Tai Ji cured my sickness that lasted for ten years.

Wilson Poon

Original Tai Ji is not only practical, but also improve my standard of living.

Jason Chang

Original Tai Ji is my lifetime execise.

Daniel Mak

Original Tai Ji improve my physical and mental health.

Richard Lu

Original Tai Ji is a 'QUAN DAO' that integrates Quan, Gong and Dao into one.