Original Tai Ji Quan Dao

Dedicated to the physical and spiritual development of the human being

Group and private classes

All personally taught by Grand master Guanren Liu


Master Guanren Liu

Master Guanren Liu, is a practitioner of many different styles of martial arts and self-discipline. His skills are founded on the philosophy of Tai Ji and as such Master Liu has established his own Original Tai Ji Quan Dao training system.

Original Tai Ji Quan Dao is a complete training system for both the physical and mental self. It integrates three elements; Tai Ji (Quan), human potential & strength (Gong), and the origin of life (Dao). The (Quan) element originated from Master Liu’s early training in Original Tai Ji and the 'WuDang Tai Ji - YouLong sect' plus his years of research into practical martial arts proficiencies. The concept of the growth of human potential and strength is from Mr. Liu’s Xin Gong practice; as well the Dao is from Master Liu’s Xin Dao practice.

The characteristics of OTJQD (Original Tai Ji Quan Dao), is not simply another martial art school or sect, it is a complete martial arts philosophy and a true Dao discipline training system. With the integration of the three elements, Quan, Gong, Dao, a student will begin to experience many benefits and grow to higher level of consciousness and ultimately up to the level of Dao.

Original Tai Ji Quan DaospaceOriginal Tai Ji Quan Dao

It is a holistic system of body, mind, vital energy, spirit, and internal strength. It represents a proven system in that it is possible to efficiently implement the Quan and Gong integration for enhancing human potential by practicing Tai Ji.

Original Tai Ji Quan Dao represents an essential starting point in that it is possible to learn how to holistically perfect Dao cultivation and follow the true Dao way correctly with Tai Ji training and practice until one achieves the ultimate state of the Quan - Dao integration.

There is a significant distinction between the Original Tai Ji Quan Dao and other popular Tai Ji Quan styles. Original Tai Ji Quan Dao emphasises a holistic practice and system that merges all three essential elements of "Quan", "Gong" and "Dao" into one.

With Original Tai Ji Quan Dao, you quickly build internal strength, improve many aspects of your health by effectively applying Tai Chi techniques for both self-defence and meeting daily life challenges. By joining in a high level of participation one reduces the stresses of daily life while cultivating an ongoing growth of the whole person in terms of the mind, body and spirit.

Original Tai Ji Quan Dao holistic practice

For a number of years Master Guanren Liu, at the invitation of a local Vancouver TV Channel TalentVision, has been hosting and teaching Original Tai Ji Quan Dao on their “Morning Exercise” program. Students will be taught directly by Master Liu when they enrol in the various class-time offerings held through-out the year.

The Original Tai Ji Quan Dao is a systematic training course with well organised instruction and practice stressing the development of internal strength.

This holistic training approach effectively integrates internal strength training and Tai Ji techniques into one. Integrating Quan and Gong together is the primary focus. That means one who practices OTJQD will improve one’s technique and internal strengths simultaneously. With this holistic and coherent training system, one avoids the problem of Tai Ji technique (Quan) being trained separately from internal strength (Gong) - this tends to happen in other martial arts practice(s).

Original Tai Ji Quan DaospaceOriginal Tai Ji Quan DaospaceOriginal Tai Ji Quan Dao

For OTJQD, the internal strength training consists of a multi-level practice that enables one to incrementally accumulate and increase their internal strength.

It raises one to a state that exists before both Yin and Yang come into being. What this is called in Chinese is 'Hun Yuan Yi Qi', and it raises the practitioner to a higher state of spirituality, consciousness, strength, pure energy, and body consciousness and then integrates into one entity.

From the self-discipline training aspect, OTJQD is a holistic training that integrates Quan and Dao. Beginning from Quan training, one will start perceiving Dao, and then one will reach Dao using Quan training. Ultimately, one integrates Quan and Dao. That is, one’s body, mind, and spirit returns to the Dao. In other word, one’s state of being becomes Dao, Quan is one’s mind, Quan is one’s body, Dao is one’s Quan.

Original Tai Ji Quan Dao

The contents of the training system in the OTJQD focuses heavily on actual real live application. The Tai Ji practice and its applications are integrated as well whether for purpose of health benefits, for actual use of self-defence, and for attaining Dao. What one learns in the Tai Ji practice is what can be applied in real situation. In other words, there is not two different practices, one for practice and one for application.

OTJQD is a result of Master Liu’s many years of practical experience and research in martial arts plus self-discipline training. Having improved teaching methods over the years, Master Liu’s OTJQD is suitable for anyone in today’s life styles, for health requirements, and for people of all ages. Using proper OTJQD training, with age, one will increase the intensity and level of one’s internal strength. Not only maintaining healthier body but also increase longevity, the OTJQD also provides defensive and offensive techniques. Persistent practice will lead to a higher level of internal strength that raises the body to a state of harmonisation with nature and ultimately with Dao. Therefore, the OTJQD training will become one’s life time exercise and one can benefit from it for a life time.

Not only is Master Liu the founder of OTJQD he also established the first “Xingong” and then “XingDao” training systems.


Master Lui is the only one of four Qi Gong founders that have passed Qi Gong master examination and is certified by the China National General Sports Bureau. Among the eleven other Qigong practices, Master Liu’s “Xingong” is also certified and licensed by the China National General Sports Bureau for public practice. There are more than 300,000 students practicing “Xingong” world wide. In 1998 Master Liu was selected to be included on the “Chinese contemporary celebrity list” , and he was also listed in “Who’s Who In The World” in 2000.

Classes of OTJQD are offered year around, and all classes are taught directly by the founder Master Liu. All lessons contain authentic, safe, and reliable instructions.

Please contact us at (604) 684-8508 or (604) 551-2356 to sign-up for classes and for more information please check-out our website at http://www.xingong.com.

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