Original Tai Ji Quan Dao

Dedicated to the physical and spiritual development of the human being

Group and private classes

All personally taught by Grand master Guanren Liu

Class Information
Address 950 West 41st Avenue Vancouver (Jewish Community Centre) BC  V5Z 2N7
Tel 1 - 604 - 684 - 8508 or 1 - 604 - 551 - 2356

YSTJQD Class Schedule
Morning Afternoon Evening
Tuesday 7 ~ 9 pm
Thursday 7 ~ 9 pm
Sunday 10 ~ 12 am


Tuition Structure: Each class lasts for two hours.

Option 1: One class per week for 4 weeks - $118 plus GST
Option 2: Two classes per week for 4 weeks - $188 plus GST
Option 3: Three classes per week for 4 weeks - $248 plus GST
Option 4: One class per week for 6 months - $689 plus GST

Program Content

 There are three stages that Master Liu will guide students through in a typical class.

1. Stance (Zhan Zhuang):

First, students are guided to relax and focus their internal energy flow in a meditative stance called "Zhan Zhuang". During Zhan Zhuang, the students enter a peaceful and calm state of mind where the mind, body and breathing melted into one with the inside and the ouside world. The flow of energy "Qi" that occur during this process can manifest as vibrational energy or warmth that travel along with our metal focus. The flow of Qi helps to improve mental clarity, energy level, and boosts circulation internally to the spine, internal organs, and joints.

2. Hun Yun Lian Dan Gong:

Following Zhan Zhuang, Master Liu leads his students into a series of movement called Hun Yuan Lian Dan Gong (HYLDG). Therse exercises improve the flexibility and circulation of the muscles, joints, spine, and internal organs. They also improve the bodys' coordination and self defence abilities.

  • The exercises take little time and space to engage in the lfow of Qi to feel revitalized.
  • The circulation of Qi from fingertips to the spine and internal organs reduces stress and enhances mental clarity
  • Emphasis on gentle movements of the spine to help realign the spine and body posture. This helps relieve and prvent chronic headaches, shoulder and back pain, and pinched nerves.

3. 180 Tai Ji Forms:

The 180 Tai Ji forms is a continuous series of movements practiced in the meditative state of "Zhan Zhuang". Practicing in this manner, the body maintains internal and external balance despite being in motion. In the beginning, the forms are practiced slowly, and gently so that the meditative state of "Zhan Zhuang" can be more easily maintained. As students advance, the forms can be proacticed in a powerful and fast paced fashion. Self defence applications derived from the 180 Tai Ji forms, as well as Push Hands, are taught as students gain a more solid foundation.

Benefits of Yuan Shi Tai Ji Quan Dao

  • Realigns the spine and body posture to aleviate muscle tension and chronic pains.
  • Invigorates Qi circulation to promote mental and physical balance.
  • Incorporates unique and powerful self defence applications.
  • Cultivates inner self awareness and spirituality.
  • Appropriate for people of all ages as a gentle life long exercise.